Alfamobi is an Integrator of IT Systems acquiring data with the help of Automatic Identification (barcodes / RFID).
Our customers benefit from ordering complex implementations or machines only. The extent of ALFAMOBI’s involvement depends on the client’s expectations. Such a way of cooperation allows to use customer resources while reducing the costs of implementation.

ALFAMOBI provides:

  • Auto-identification devices and systems for warehouse processes and manufacturing support
  • Mobile devices for trade and sales management
  • Portable terminals and tablets for registering tasks carried out in the field
  • ERP and WMS class systems
  • Software tools and support
  • Complementary equipment
  • Technical support and service

Thanks to our professional advisory our clients benefit from logistic process efficiency improvement and often simplification of IT structure. We help both increase functional efficiency and reduce the risk of mistakes, limit the number of machines while optimizing investment costs. Highly professional level of advisory ensures more benefits and investment security. We make your daily work easier.

We are looking forward to working with you!