The quality of the design and perform Radio Network determines the correct working of the entire System. ALFAMOBI particularly suited to designing and perform advanced Radio Networks, eg .:

  • Covering areas besides industrial halls also outdoor
  • Implemented in multiple locations, and operating under the control of the server at the headquarter

Alfamobi designs Radio Networks using professional and most advanced software analizyng mutual effects several WIFI devices, specifics of the object and generating reports including RF Networks parameters expressed gfraphically for each object point. During the implementation it is possible to cover of Radio Network Range also offices spaces but by another subnet than working in warehouse or on production area. Thanks to that IT Administrator is able to control, configure entire company WIFI network from one daschboard point. Alfamobi adjust level data security and  continuity of processes according to the expectations the investing company. Alfamobi Customers get RF Networks systems working efficiently and almost maintenance-free operating for years.