ALFAMOBI is an integrator of Automatic Identification Systems. We ensure optimal connection of the components into stable operating systems during implementation.

  • Portable Terminals
  • Forklift Terminals
  • Industrial Desktops
  • WIFI Radio Access Networks
  • Label Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Automatic Label Applicators
  • Industrial Scales
  • Industrial Thermometers
  • Automatic Scanning Posts

The information system is installed on portable computers. System usage specificity is significantly different on portable computers than on PCs. This is the key element, which is often underestimated.

The system requires adjustment, which is often the weakest and at the same time the most important part of the newly implemented system. At the beginning of our cooperation on automatic identification system implementation our clients’ representatives will be introduced to the key criteria to ensure the new system actually makes operators’ work easier (while in reality the opposite often happens).

Implementing or developing an automatic identification system with ALFAMOBI our clients can benefit from a number of improvements. Companies working with us also get professional advice regarding:

  • Process organization
  • Logistic units marking (collective packages and pallets)
  • Barcode symbology choice

Significant improvements of your future work are possible thanks to advice on location / address marking in warehouses and production area.